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Feet on the Ground

Feet on the Ground

  1. Behind This Wall
  2. The Jewel
  3. Feet on the Ground
  4. Dreamin’ in Blue
  5. Lonelytown
  6. Still I Wait
  7. Mountains Meadows
  8. Midwestern Summer Evening
  9. Caged Bird
  10. Rainy Night
  11. South of the Border
  12. The Wheel

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Just For Fun CD Cover

Just For Fun

  1. Hey Dum Diddeley Dum
  2. The Reptile Song
  3. A Place In The Choir
  4. The Garden Song
  5. Froggy Went A'Courtin'
  6. Mir. Meace
  7. Cuculi
  8. The Farmer's Market
  9. Waltzing With Bears
  10. This Land Is Your Land
  11. The Mexican Flag Song
  12. Be Kind To Your Web Footed Friends
  13. The Midnight Special

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