Kids Music
Just For Fun CD Cover

Along with her songwriting career, Madeleine King has been teaching and playing music for kids for "a bazillion years" as she says. She has taught kids as young as 2 and as old as 92. She is highly sought after as a music teacher in the bay area and juggles a busy teaching schedule with several different schools as well as a variety of children's performances, parties, and such. "Music is as natural for kids as eating and sleeping and it's a joy be a part of that", she says.

Madeleine is excited to announce the release of her first children's CD, "Just For Fun" which is now available. This CD is a collection of some of Madeleine's favorite kid songs that she's been singing with kids over the years. Some of her students make guest appearances on the project as well.

To purchase the CD contact Madeleine directly or buy it from CD Baby. Online sales through iTunes, and Digstation will be ready to go soon. Lyrics to most of the songs are available now.